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Mobile device management is one of the best ways to ensure that you do not suffer some kind of breach of security. Breaches of security are much more common than you would think. In fact, somewhere close to 71 percent of all businesses actually have no policy at all when it comes to bringing your own devices to work.

That is why mobile device management matters so much. When an employee’s device is stolen or lost, some mobile device management systems will even allow you to erase all of the data remotely. Mobile device management software allows a mobile user to install programs for all devices at the same time.

This can be good for employees as well. The reason why mobile device management matters for employees as well as managers is because a lot of employees enjoy working from home. Currently, there are millions of Andoid OS users in the United States and that number increases by about 700,000 every day. People love to work from home and that is what matters most.

Of course, businesses that use smartphones are expected to continue to climb upward. Somewhere around 62 percent of businesses will be using smartphones by 2014 and, just because they bring their own devices, not every employee is going to use his or her mobile devices exclusively. It all depends on what they are looking to get out of the business and what kind of benefits the business provides.

Whatever the case, managing mobile devices is probably going to become increasingly important in the future. There are a lot of ways that mobile device management can transform a business and make it more efficient. It is all a matter of being a part of that growth.

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