Do You Use a Bring Your Own Device Program? Here are a Few Facts About Security

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Did you know that mobile searches quadrupled in the past year in the United States? About have of Americans currently have some kind of smart phone and quite a few of those people are also using them for work. Though this might provide them with a lot of options when it comes to getting their work done, it can also result in a loss of security for the company. Whether you are running a bring your own device program for your company, or you are participating in one, it is important to invest in mobile device management systems at the same time to ensure that no loss of security takes place. Here are a few facts that you need to know about the importance of mobile management.

MDM, or mobile device management, is a type of software that acts as a support for mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, mobile POS devices, and more. Mobile management has an easily defined value when it comes to security for the mobile devices that are being used for your employees as part of a BYOD program. When it comes to BYOD programs, which is an initialism for bring your own device, there are quite a few security breaches that can take place. While the programs can do a lot for the efficiency of your company, accessing privileged and secure information from an insecure device can cause a lot of problems. For instance, if an employee’s phone is lost or stolen, the mobile management system can make it possible to erase sensitive data from the phone immediately and remotely so the information never has to fall into the wrong hands. Investing in the best mobile device management software that you can afford to go along with your bring your own device program is the best way to make sure that there is no breach of security as a result of the program.

In the United States, a full quarter of internet users only access the web from a mobile device. Because of the fact that accessing the internet from mobile devices is still technically fairly new, there are still a lot of bugs to work out. Accessing the internet from a mobile device is a lot less secure than accessing the internet from a desktop. This is the main reason that it is important to invest in mobile management if you use your phone or tablet for work so that you do not need to worry about a breach of security.

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