Steps to TS16949 Certification

Iso certification training

Standards developed by the International standards organization, also referred to as the ISO, affect literally every world industry from food service to factory production. Iso trainings are available for a number of the standards, and ISO certification requirements can generally be fulfilled through ISO training online or in person. One ISO standard, TS 16949, applies to organizations in the automotive supply chain and can be fulfilled through a three-step TS 16949 certification process.

About TS 16949

The TS 16949 standard is designed to improve quality and assure the integrity of supplies to the auto industry. BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Fiat, Ford, General Motors, PSA, Renault, and Volkswagen are all subscribers to the standards.

What Is the Benefit of TS16949 Certification?

  • Recognition as a reputable supplier of automotive supplies
  • Customer satisfaction through high quality production
  • Reduced cost of compliance with customer specification
  • Reduced operating costs through improvement of processes and higher efficiency
  • Improved stakeholder relationships
  • Legal compliance
  • Improved risk management
  • Proven business credentials
  • Ability to win more business

What Does TS16949 Certification Entail?

Essentially there are only three steps.

  1. Application for registration is made through completion of an application questionnaire.
  2. The assessment is performed by TS16949 certification auditors in two stages. The organization must be able to demonstrate that it has a year’s worth of performance data for the manufacture of automotive products and has had a full cycle of internal audits and management review.
  3. Registration is granted and maintained through annual surveillance visits and re certification audits once every three years.

TS16949 Certification Audits

There are two stages to the initial certification audit:

Stage 1 is designed to confirm the readiness of the organization for full assessment. The auditor verifies the scope of activity, operating locations and processes, reviews the last year’s internal audit records, reviews audit management reviews for the last year, and reviews KPIs for customer and operational performance trends for the last year.

Stage 2 takes place within 90 days after the completion of the first stage. The assessor will:

  • undertake sample audits of the organization’s processes, operational shifts, supporting locations, and customer specific requirements.
  • document the system’s standard compliance.
  • report any non compliances or potential for non compliance.
  • produce a surveillance plan and confirm a date for the first visit.

TS16949 certification is important for suppliers wishing to perform optimally. Contact your local TS16949 certification board for more information about becoming certified.

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