Making a Studio Apartment Work

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Space is at a premium in most apartments. Whether you live in a studio or a one bedroom, there’s still a major storage loss that comes along with apartment living. The bedroom is typically one of the most space inefficient rooms in an apartment, even if there is a closet. Here, we’ll look at a couple great ways to store more in your bedroom, saving space and making your apartment just that little bit more livable.

Closet Shelving Systems

There are a bevy of sites providing organization tips for closets, and they almost always look amazing, and vaguely impossible. Usually, they make use of custom closet systems designed especially for the client with special nooks and crannies for all kinds of weird little tchotchkes, and they are, in reality, completely impractical. Closet organizers can become very overwhelming, and actually end up complicating the organization process if they’re overdone. Instead, we recommend investing in closet shelving systems that give you a little more surface space, without being too specific.

In a typical closet, there’s floor space and hanging space, and that’s about it. Closet shelving systems help you take advantage of all that wall space that would otherwise go to waste. You don’t need to custom fit little boxes on those shelves to perfectly contain every pair of your Louboutins. Just look for good closet shelving systems that can maximize your closet space.

Murphy Beds

A bed can really be a horrible waste of space, especially in a room where space is already tight. One solution that is rarely considered is the Murphy bed. Murphy beds, also called wall beds, pull or fold down and can be stored vertically when not in use, usually inside some sort of decorative cabinet. They are on piston lift or torsion springs, making them fairly easy to raise and lower. Some even have attachments that allow them to convert into desks when they are folded up. Especially in studio apartments, Murphy beds can afford just that little bit of floor space that makes a room feel significantly less cramped.

Though space in an apartment can be difficult to come by, there are many solutions for maximizing the space you do have. Closet shelving systems and Murphy beds are just two ways to make better use of your apartment’s bedroom.

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  1. We have a Murphy bed in our guest room and it works out really well.

  2. I love Murphy beds! Especially the ones that convert into desks. I saw a cool one once that turned into a desk and had two bookshelves on either side.

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