Recipes with Hummus

Hummus calories

The Guinness World Record for the biggest dish of hummus was a 4 ton dish, the weight of four average cars. People are getting really interested in recipes with hummus now. An easy hummus recipe is not hard to find, nor is something like hummus dip very hard to make. You just need a few of the right hummus ingredients to come up with some really good recipes with hummus. Take a spicy hummus dip for example. Add some cayenne pepper or even some jalapenos or hot garlic and see what din of recipes with hummus you can come up with.

Some other recipes with hummus that you can make are good for dips, spreads and more. There are some really good sandwich spreads that you can use to make hummus with. Recipes with hummus are going to be made from mashed chickpeas, sesame seed paste, lemon juice, garlic, salt, oil, cumin, or oregano, etc. The traditional recipes with hummus are the ones that are drizzled with olive oil and a few sprinkles of paprika and perhaps some chopped parsley. They can trace the first earliest documented recipes with hummus back to 13 century Egypt.

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