Is Your Site Mobile Compatible? Three Compelling Reasons to Invest in Better Web Design

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Did you know that 75% of online users say that they want to find what they are looking for online within a click or two? if you are running a website for your company, you probably realize that it’s no longer enough to simply use a WordPress Template and go from there. Great design is often what separates you from the thousands of websites trying to sell similar projects. If you are interested in investing in better web design, here are three things that web designing company sites can help you with.

1. Mobile Compatibility and Design

Did you know that mobile commerce is expected to grow to $119 billion in sales by 2015? It’s incredible, then, that almost 50% of mobile users have reported feeling frustrated visiting sites that lacked mobile optimization. If user discovers a website has mobile optimization, on the other hand, about 75% say they are likely to return. Mobile web design is important and should not be an afterthought in plans for your website. Not only will it bring you closer to your customers, but it gives you an edge over all the competing companies who have not yet brought mobile compatibility to the table.

2. Adaptive Web Design Keeps Them In

Did you know that about 40% of users will leave your page if it takes more than four seconds to upload? Web design should be formulated around the consumer experience. The information visitors are likely to want, such as product information, shipping prices, and contact info, should all be easily to locate and accessible by only using one or two clicks. They also want speed, which will not only keep people around, but will also help you get ranked higher by the Google algorithm. Responsive web design is important.

3. The Extras that the Best Web Designing Company Sites Can Provide

Did you know that web designers can help you with SEO, or search engine optimization? These days, it’s not enough to simply have a decent website. You don’t want your website getting in the way of online visibility. Hiring someone who has experience in optimizing code and layout for SEO is a good idea. Web designers can also include calls to action in your web design. This is certain colors, as well as buttons and wording that encourage consumers to stay or give information for more updates. An example of this would be a banner that falls down, offering an option for a free email subscription for future updates.

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  1. good points about what people should be looking for. its really tiring to still get clients who seem to think that the golden age of web design was back in 2005. Their sites look so bad but they just dont want to believe it

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