What are Pocket Folders?

Three pocket folders

So just what are pocket folders, and how can they help you? Well, just from the name, you will get a good idea about what are pocket folders. This is document folder that will include either one or two pockets. There are also pocket folders that have three pockets. The main thing any of these pocket folders have in common is that they protect and organize documents. This folder with a pocket had a patent filed on December 21, 1981 by Lawrence Dworkin. Since then, we have see lots of different types of what are pocket folders.

What are pocket folders used for is another question. They can be used by businesses for proposals, conferences, and other professional presentations. These custom presentation folders will lend an air of professionalism and organization to your clients. Schoolwork is another idea of what are pocket folders used for. Students can use them to keep homework organized, as well as using them to submit papers and reports.

And then you may be asking what are pocket folders made from. There are many folders that come in matte and gloss finishes, while others also include an aqueous coating for a shiny finish. Another question you may have is what are pocket folders styles. The most common is the bi fold that has a book like action. Then there is a tri fold option that has three panels, and often three pockets. This is an option that provides more storage space, and can be very unique. Additional features can include a business card holder.

When choosing presentation folders, you may want to look at what are pocket folders sizes. Generally, they come in a regular 8.5 inch by 11 inch design. They also come in a legal size that is 14 inches high. You can also find custom presentation folders that will come in any size you choose.

And finally, to answer what are pocket folders, you need to know where to find them. Standard pocket folders can be found at any office retailer. If you want a more customized look, you can visit your local printer to discuss what are pocket folders options available to suit your special order.
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