Why Are Urgent Care Express Centers Becoming So Popular in the US

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It is no secret that the American healthcare system is overloaded. Costs are skyrocketing as more and more patients flood into our emergency rooms. Our doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are doing what they can to stay ahead of the rising tide but are finding themselves severely outmatched.

For Americans looking for an improved healthcare experience, there are urgent care express medical centers. An increasing number of American patients are seeking help for their medical needs at their local urgent care centers. Here’s why.

  • More Attentive Patient Care
  • If you were to ask a friend or a family member if they have had trouble being seen by their doctor for an emergency, chances are at least half of them would say yes. The fact is that primary care physicians are being made to take on increased workloads, leading to difficulty with scheduling appointments, longer wait times, and less specialized attention. One of the key drivers of urgent care express centers’ popularity is their ability to offer immediate care.

  • Convenient Prescription Delivery

  • Some states now allow urgent care facilities
    to offer point-of-care prescription dispensing. Generally, this means that 24 hr urgent care express centers will have their own pharmacy on site. This allows the doctors urgent care centers employ the ability to give their patients their prescriptions before they leave the building.

  • Exceptional Savings
  • For many Americans, the biggest concern with healthcare in a traditional setting, in hospitals or doctors’ offices, is the cost. Consider, an average visit to an emergency department costs $1,500. On the other hand, urgent care express center costs are markedly lower at an average of $150 per visit. In other words, emergency rooms are often ten times more expensive than urgent medical care providers.

  • Reduce the Strain on Traditional Medical Centers
  • Of course, the main purpose of urgent care centers is to alleviate the burden placed on emergency rooms by patients who simply do not need that level of care but have had nowhere else to turn. Non-life threatening injuries and illnesses still require rapid attention in many cases. Subsequently, urgent care express centers offer immediate treatment for broken bones and other non-critical injuries, usually advising their patients to follow up with their physician when able.

The American healthcare landscape will not be fixed and revolutionized overnight. However, as can be seen, urgent care centers are doing their part to take the burden of care off of hospitals while providing patients with affordable, specialized, and convenient care. The next time you or a loved one have an issue that needs attention that does not warrant an ER visit, try your local urgent care center. Get more info here.

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