What Your Tool Box Needs

Professional pruning tools

Stocking a professional tool box is an important step for any serious craftsman. Buying tools from online tool stores or brick and mortar retailers is an exciting experience especially when you’re able to get the best professional tools and equipment at a deal. It’s easy to get carried away when your surrounded by all the great products you’ve envied for years. However, it’s important to keep a cool head. Here, we’ll look at the most important professional tools and equipment you can’t go without.

Tool Boxes

There are a variety of tool boxes available in all different sizes and materials. Most are made from sturdy, rust proof material and have, on average, three or four different drawers. While some craftsmen prefer to buy pre-stocked tool chests, others elect to purchase their own professional tools and equipment to fill the box. There’s no right answer in terms of which tool box is best. Some prefer to use a large, stationary English or Dutch style chest while others prefer more portable models. Either way, make sure you give some thought to your preferences before making a purchase.

Torque Wrenches

If you’re serious about making furniture, you’ll need a good torque wrench. They typically come in the form of socket wrenches and have special internal hardware for different torque levels. Your major options are:

  • Electric torque wrench- programmable with set limits determining torque level.
  • Click wrench- preset torque using clutch mechanism. Most accurate when calibrated.
  • Beam wrench- simple type with a head and handle separated by a lever arm.
  • Plumber’s wrench- only for use with couplings on soil pipes.
  • Hydraulic wrench- used to exert torque to a fastener.
  • Deflecting beam wrench- applies torque to a deflecting beam instead of a coil spring.

General Tools

No tool kit is complete without the basic professional tools and equipment needed for simple jobs. Be sure your kit is stocked with hammers, wrenches, screw drivers, nuts, bolts, and other commonly used tool accessories.

Whether you choose a pre-stocked kit or opt to put your own tool box together, make sure you have access to the tools you need. The toolbox reflects the craftsman, and you don’t want to be known by your lack of equipment. Visit here for more information.

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