Android Device Management Can Keep Your Data Secure

Android device management

Mobile device management, also known as MDM, including Android device management, is becoming more and more important in the workplace. Android device management is necessary as more companies embrace the BYOD or Bring Your Own Device model. This is where employees can bring and use their Android in the enterprise network or data systems. About 57 percent of tablet users, including those using Nexus products, say they use the tablets both at work and at home. And, global mobile traffic accounts for about 10 percent of all Internet traffic.

However, with this increase in the use of mobile devices comes a security threat. Android device management will ensure that company information and data stays secure with the use of the BYOD policy.

Android device management will reduce security risks by managing those devices that are using the company network. IT managers can use mobile device management software for Android device management to understand where employee devices are and other services. This management software can also update those phones and devices automatically to ensure that they have the latest operating systems. Android device management can also set device restricts as to the access level to the company system.

Android device management can also assist should a device become lost or stolen. A device can be easily reset or wiped clean so sensitive company data cannot be accessed. This device management can also be set to track down the lost or stolen phone.

The Android security model is a cloud based application service that provides visibility and control of these devices. Android device management can also provide a complete inventory of all devices currently in use. In addition to operating system updates, these systems can also ensure that no viruses or malware makes its way into the company system, by assuring that the latest protection software is in place. Android device management will place firewalls and other security features on all devices to add another layer of security.

Implementing an Android management plan at your company will allow your employees to use their mobile devices, and yet maintain the security and integrity of your data and information.

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