What Is Recurrent Training? – Life Cover Guide

arp when in the air. Swayne Martin will show you what to be expecting from the recurrent instruction you receive.
What are the things you can expect to learn during Your Recurrent Training?

Swayne is employed by Envoy however, all airlines have the same form of training yearly for pilots. The instructor will refer to continuous training (CQ) (recurrent learning). The first step is to finish a set of computer-based training modules at their homes before going into the actual classroom where they be in ground school. It will be followed by simulation events. This type of training may last from a few hours to one week.

When will you have to complete Recurrent Training?

The duration of your training is set by the flight training department, but it must happen annually. The recurrent course must be completed by the thirteenth month. You can decide which classes to take based on the level of seniority. The training program will end before the bidding starts to determine your next flight schedule.

What exactly do Recurrent Training Courses comprise?

The classes will cover everything that you require to know about piloting including cruise security, hazmat and aircraft security systems. In your course the course will include two days of training in the ground and will be taught emergency procedures and operating policies. You will also learn about past incidents and ways to prevent such accidents. In the final phase of thiscourse, you’ll be required to pass an examination that is written to make sure you comprehend everything that needs to happen in the course of being a pilot. The simulators will be used in order to be ready for any unexpected scenarios and emergency plans. It will also ensure your safety when flying for your airline.

Swayne did not go into the basic concepts of recurrent training in this video. Swayne also demonstrated video clips of classroom simulations. Recurrent learning is essential for any business.


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