Understanding urinary tract infection after catheter

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Many people are concerned for about urinary tract infection after catheter use. The cause of urinary tract infections (UTI) after using a urinary catheter is caused by germs in the form of bacteria that enters the urethra and then moves to the bladder causing bladder infection from catheter. This can lead to a bladder infection that can spread to the kidneys. It’s best to see a doctor for urine tests that will determine if you have a dangerous UTI that requires antibiotics. There are approximately 12,000 spinal cord injuries in surviving patients in the U.S. every year. If you have been prescribed longer term catheter supplies, it is worthwhile for you to look into the best catheter supplies for your needs. The standard form of catheters used today was created in the early 1900s by a Dubliner named Walsh and Norman Gibbon, a well known urinologist.

Although one of the most common uses for catheters is for draining urine, there are a wide range of catheters used for a variety of things. For instance, the “tom cat” catheter is used to insert sperm into the uterus during artificial insemination. Many self catheter supplies can be delivered to your home. Know what you are looking for and need before ordering from a catheter supplies company. Urinary catheters come in intermittent (short term), indwelling, and condom types with many different sizes, materials (latex, rubber, silicone), and tip types (straight, funnel end, straight, coude). Patients with latex sensitivity can use latex free catheters. Companies that sell catheter supplies can help you determine medicare catheter coverage for your Foley catheter and urinary catheter supplies.

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