Top Five Reasons You Should Look Into Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


One of the most interesting alternative treatments for ailments like wounds, brain injuries, and cancer is hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Before you look into making an appointment at hyperbaric oxygen treatment centers, here are a few important facts that you need to know about the therapy.

1. A hyperbaric pressure chamber can be made of either rigid or flexible materials depending on what treatment center that you happen to visit. These hyperbaric chambers are designed specifically to deliver 100 percent oxygen as a means to stimulate the healing centers of the body.

2. One of the other effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for cancer is that it can increase the oxygen transport capability of the blood. This can in turn can raise the capacity of the body to heal itself.

3. Radiation necrosis, which is a focal structural lesion that usually occurs at the original tumor site in a cancer patient, is a potential long term central nervous system, or the CNS, complication of radiotherapy or radiosurgery. Oxygen therapy for cancer does not have this side effect however.

4. Hyperbaric therapy can also help to treat the symptoms of Lyme disease which include fever, headache, fatigue, and an unfortunate characteristic skin rash.

5. If you are still on the fence about undergoing oxygen therapy for cancer or oxygen therapy for brain injuries, you should know that hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been approved by the FDA and is a suggested treatment by many doctors. For more, read this link.

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  1. Madison Elliott

    i still do not really understand what this is all about, but it does seem pretty interesting and i think that i will probably look into the process and all of the literature about it a little bit more.

  2. Lloyd Grant

    i agree. i still do not quite understand what is going on, but it seems like it could be pretty cool and i think that the best thing for me might just be to call a center near me and talk to some one about the treatment itself

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