The Many Facets of the Subaru

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In 2011, Subaru became the 26th largest automaker based on production numbers. It is the auto manufacturing division of Fuji Heavy Industries, a massive Japanese business that started out as the Aircraft Research Laboratory in 1915. These days they are best known primarily for the best new cars and best used cars with high car safety ratings. Also, they have developed a following based on the Subaru guaranteed trade in program.

Their unique motor layout, the boxer engine, is their best known motor design and configuration for their various models of cars. While it is not a new automotive technology, the boxer engine adds to their commitment of car safety features that allows a lowered center of gravity. Since the engine pistons all move on a horizontal plane, they do not require counter balances on the motors crankshaft.

The North American division, Subaru of America, has only been around since it was established in 1968 in Philadelphia PA. These days it is based nearby in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. They primarily market their famous cars, known for their car safety and all wheel drive, through approximately 600 dealers across the US. They are also known for their use of recyclable materials, achieving approximately a 97 percent recycling ratio rate for their end of life vehicles. Coupled with the Subaru guaranteed trade in program and they can help you drive a reliable vehicle for tens of years.

One of their more notable features is the Subaru symmetrical all wheel drive system. This contributes to their line of car safety features that allow the driver to maintain better control during all kinds of road and weather conditions, and minimizes slipping or traction issues. It is based on sustaining optimum balance and an even distribution of the motors power to provide excellent traction and control.

Along with their symmetrical all wheel drive, Subaru offers their Vehicle Dynamics Control system. It is a vehicle stability control system that can automatically sense different steering and braking inputs and how to react to stay on the intended path or vector. The antilocking brake system can very quickly pulse the brakes to avoid any kind of lockup and to keep you on the road and minimizing your skids. The braking assist system can also alter the amount of force used in the front and rear, depending on the passenger distribution and load of the car. With such a long list of safety and driver focused features, plus the Subaru guaranteed trade in program, the Subaru represents some of the best cars available now. See this link for more:

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