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Horseback riding pants

Even though a century has passed since horses were the primary form of transportation for in the United State, horses are still an important part of the lives of 1 out of 63 Americans. That might not seem like a lot, but there are currently more than seven million people in the United States who participate in horseback riding. Most aren’t donning professional horse show clothing, but proper horseback riding gear remains as crucial for amateur horseback riders as it is for professional equestrians.

Of all of the essential horseback riding equipment, nothing is more important than high quality horseback riding helmets. Some people might be drawn to horseback riding because of the allure of the iconic American cowboy or cowgirl. The silhouette of a man or woman atop a horse against the back drop of a Western sunset might seem romantic in the movies, but there is nothing romantic about head injuries that could have been avoided.

Although many horse riding enthusiasts are seen atop their steeds without proper horseback riding attire, horseback riding instructors stress the importance of appropriate riding gear. From a safety perspective, horseback riding can be thought about in the same way as other sports in which head injury is a significant danger. This is why football, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, auto racing, bicycle racing, bobsledding and countless other sports require the wearing of a helmet.

It is difficult to imagine horseback riding helmets becoming as controversial as motorcycle helmet laws, horseback riders should allow state legislators to decide what is safest for them, when basic common sense should do quite well. In fact, safe horseback riding requires more than a good helmet, but proper horseback riding pants, boots, gloves, and spurs.

While horse show clothing may be colorful, attractive, and exciting, it is best to leave the flashiness to the professionals. They might not be wearing all of the safety gear they should be during horse shows, they are also highly trained and experienced experts who understand the risks they are taking. Links like this:

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