The History of Dental Bridges – Dental Magazine

Don’t live with missing teeth. There are partials available as well as dental implants. One of these solutions is the dental bridge. Dental bridges are placed over two teeth which have an unattached tooth between them. The false tooth is then secured to bridge the space between these two teeth. This false tooth is attached to the bridge and it is not surgically needed. Although a bridge is more expensive than other options but it will save costs on dental treatments.

A dental bridge costs about $2,000 for just one tooth missing. Do bridges cost less when compared with implant-supported ones? Implants cost about three thousand dollars on an average. If you’re curious about what a bridge’s going look, take an examination of bridges for teeth before and after images on the internet. Dental bridges’ crowns as well as fake teeth are exactly the same as the natural teeth. dn7ruyemwr.

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