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Marijuana addict

Is marijuana addicting? That is a question that many people have asked themselves. In 2009, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that 28.5 million Americans age 12 and up had committed marijuana abuse at least one time within the previous year. Many times, people that belong in a marijuana addiction program believe that the answer to questions like “is marijuana addicting” to be a resounding “no.”

The most common symptom reported by former marijuana addicts during the early days of abstinence is craving. It is a good bet that many former addicts use to believe that the answer to “is marijuana addicting” to be “no” as well. On average, adults that are seeking treatment for marijuana dependence or abuse used the drug almost daily for over a decade. Many of them previously attempted to quite over six times.

A study conducted by Duke University of 496 adult marijuana smokers that tried to quit discovered that 43.1 percent experienced more than one withdrawal symptom. 95.5 percent experienced at least one. So why are people still wondering things like “is marijuana addicting or not?” The answer quite possibly, could be because of cultural acceptance, despite the evidence of potential harm. Even the early drafts of the U.S. Declaration of Independence were written on hemp paper! Read this for more:

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