Replacing a Garage Door Opener – Home Improvement Videos

The fastest way to make your garage door again open is by purchasing the right door opener to fit your present arrangement. Here’s how to properly put in a replacement garage door opener

Remove the Bracket
The bracket is attached to the door by a bolt and nut. As you move up the mount towards the rail take the bolts off using an ratchet and socket.

Disconnect the Motor
The safety glasses from both sides by taking out the screws. Following that, you’ll require to pull out the motor. Get rid of the chains of iron or angle irons that secure an opener for garage doors to the ceiling.

Install the rail
You will need to connect the motor before you install it. It is necessary to put in one rail to the motor unit of your garage door opener as well as the powerhead unit.

Install the motor
Attach the end of your rail to the bracket that supports the opener that was previously installed. The motor should be reinstalled in exactly the same spot that the prior one was.

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