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mportant. Important to keep cool, no matter what the temperature outside. This is a problem since the AC could cause high costs in high temperatures. In this instructional video, you will learn how to cut down on your AC charge.

There is a common belief that turning off your air conditioning system when you are gone will conserve energy. The truth is that there won’t be any cost to the consumer when it’s not running. However, it will have be working harder once it starts back up and tries to get the home back to a temperature that is comfortable. The added stress could cause the savings to be lost at least to a certain extent. If you’re planning to be absent for several days, avoid the haste and leave the AC turned on. However in the event that you are using a programmable thermostat, it is a completely different situation. With a programmable thermostat it is advised to set the maximum temperature threshold up by five or eight degrees once you are gone. This can save you cash without putting too much stress on your shoulders.


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