Hazards of Exacation – 1302 Super

ollapse. To learn more, watch the video below. Here are two of the most common hazards you should be aware of before beginning your excavation work:
1. Electrocution

The risk of electrocution and death when working near underground powerlines is very great. You must make certain that there are no electrical lines within the area you’re planning on excavating. There could be a variety of signs that indicate the presence of electrical wires that are buried. They could be the proximity of telephone boxes as well as utility poles. Before you dig, make sure to contact the utility company to conduct a survey.

2. Asphyxiation

While working on excavations, there is always the possibility that dangerous gases may be accumulating around the pit or trench. Carbon monoxide is a gas that is especially dangerous because it is not odorless and , when present in low concentrations can’t be detected to the naked eye. Contact home for more details!


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