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Downton Abbey is a highly-rated television series that is filmed in Britain. In fact, the series has 27 Emmy nominations, which is a world record among every other international television series in history. As a result, it is a popular film set to visit. Fortunately, travel agents Scotland will take you on a journey to not only the Downton Abbey house, but also to the village in which the outdoor scenes are filmed, as well.

A Downton Abbey set tour involves visiting several notable locations. Bampton in Oxfordshire, for example, is the village used to film the outdoor scenes of Downton Abbey. The library within the village is used as the entrance to the cottage hospital, making it a popular site to visit. In order to experience a more in-depth tour of the real Downton Abbey, however, some travel agents Scotland will offer VIP group tours that will take you to Highclere Castle.

Highclere Castle is the real-life setting for the show. Downton Abbey Highclere castle tours will take you on a journey through the castle, showing you nearly every room that is used for different scenes. The drawing room, library, dining area, music room, saloon, and bedrooms, for example, can all be seen on a tour of the castle. Even the gardens and woodlands are available to see on the tour. As a result, you get to visit nearly every site on set.

Not only is Downton Abbey televised in over 100 countries, but it also continues to receive critical acclaim from television critics. As a result, the set on which it is filmed is a popular place to visit. Travel agents scotland are available to take you on a comprehensive tour of the set, including Bampton in Oxfordshire and Highclere Castle. As a result, you get to experience walking through the world-famous locations that many people have grown to love. Read this website for more information.

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  1. Corey Burke

    Oh wow! I definitely want in on this! I am from America but that is one of my favorite shows of all time! How much will it cost me to travel from America to go on a tour there, though? Will it be expensive, or are there deals available?

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