Collagen Skin Products Could Be Your Wrinkle Solution

Fish collagen benefits

Of all the things that indicate age on our body, our skin is one of the first. We begin to develop wrinkles around our eyes, our forehead, and our mouth soon after we reach the age of 30, and maybe even before then. This is because collagen, the major fibrous protein in our body responsible for maintaining skin thickness, decreases in production every year from the age of 18. For women, the thickness of their skin decreases about 7% every decade. This lack of collagen leaves our skin droopier, thinner, and prone to wrinkles.

The good news is that there are many different collagen skin care products that can re-introduce collagen into the skin. This protein was first used as an adhesive by ancient Egyptians more than 4,000 years ago. This sticky substance is now used in a different way to help to keep skin from wrinkling and creasing. It is often extracted from fish. Fish collagen benefits include the skin’s ability to absorb a greater level of collagen than collagen from other sources, such as animals. Other fish collagen benefits include treatment for inflammation and arthritic pain.

Collagen skin creams often contain fish collagen, which helps to tighten and firm the skin, and also helps reduce the signs of fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections. Crows feet are common around the eyes because our eyes have the thinnest skin on our entire body, and collagen eye cream can be highly effective in removing these wrinkles. There are also collagen lip creams on the market to make lips appear fuller, and body creams that can help battle stretch marks.

So, if you want to restore natural looking beauty to your skin, you can talk to a dermatologist about collagen skin products, or try them out on your own. There are several different brands and types to choose from, so be sure to read the reviews before you purchase one. Once you find the right one, you will be on your way to glowing, younger looking skin in no time.

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