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Is Your Site Mobile Compatible? Three Compelling Reasons to Invest in Better Web Design

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Did you know that 75% of online users say that they want to find what they are looking for online within a click or two? if you are running a website for your company, you probably realize that it’s no longer enough to simply use a WordPress Template and go from there. Great design is often what separates you from the thousands of websites trying to sell similar projects. If you are interested in investing in better web design, here are three things that web designing company sites can help you with.

1. Mobile Compatibility and Design

Did you know that mobile commerce is expected to grow to $119 billion in sales by 2015? It’s incredible, then, that almost 50% of mobile users have reported feeling frustrated visiting sites that lacked mobile optimization. If user discovers a website ha

Are You Prepared for the Consequences of Insurance Fraud?

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Did you know that, in 2012 alone, the state of Virginia arrested 383 people for fraudulent insurance claims? People abuse the system, and insurance is no exception. Insurance fraud takes two completely different angles. Fraud is either committed against subjects, denied of benefits and claims they should rightfully receive, or, perhaps more commonly, against insurance providers for fake, or unsubstantiated, claims. What are the most common types of insurance fraud?

Life Insurance Fraud

You will not find faking your own death among popular life insurance tips. In fact, the practice can land you with a record, fines, and a fair share of jail time. Even so, that does not stop people from trying. Whether channeling Shakespeare’s Juliet, inspired by her ruse to get out marrying Paris, or s

Experience a Tour You Will Never Forget

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Downton Abbey is a highly-rated television series that is filmed in Britain. In fact, the series has 27 Emmy nominations, which is a world record among every other international television series in history. As a result, it is a popular film set to visit. Fortunately, travel agents Scotland will take you on a journey to not only the Downton Abbey house, but also to the village in which the outdoor scenes are filmed, as well.

A Downton Abbey set tour involves visiting several notable locations. Bampton in Oxfordshire, for example, is the village used to film the outdoor scenes of Downton Abbey. The library within the village is used as the entrance to the cottage hospital, making it a popular site to visit. In order to experience a more in-depth tour of the real Downton Abbey, however, some travel agents S