Your Guide to Architectures Vaults – The Film Frame

They are a great decoration for walkways or doors. The process requires years of experience to know how to properly make vaults. There are many online guides that can guide you through the process. In this instructional video, we will take a deep dive into the realm of architecture. We will distinguish varieties of vaults available and the places they have been used across the ages.

Vaults are a form of self-supporting arched structures, typically made of brick or stone, that creates an overhang or ceiling. Vaults are all around us and yet, it is likely that you hardly notice them when you see them. they generally run along the horizontal, they are simply arches that have been extruded. Barrel vaults are supported by two buttresses. While a groin vault is two barrel vaults which intersect on a right angle. European architects love vaults with ribs. They’re usually covered in beautiful stone. Finally, a cloister vault can be described as a dome however, with the arches coming together at one place. It is the Duomo of Florence is a wonderful example of a vault that is cloister.


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