What You Need to Age Your Own Whiskey – Shopping Video

In the beginning, we’ll talk about the impact of the size and influence of the barrel affect the aging process. The average barrel used for maturing is 53 gallons. Once you reach smaller sizes for barrels, your volume per square inch increases that means more wood comes in contact with whiskey. That’s the reason why one-half gallon barrels allows you mature your whiskey in just a few short months.

Now let’s discuss the process involved in aging whiskey with the kit.
The funnel should be placed on the barrel’s top.
Add hot drinking tap water inside the barrel. It will result in swelling, creating a watertight seal before you put whiskey into it. If the leak stops, drain out all water.
Place both high-proof whiskey bottles inside the barrel.
Top off the barrel by filling it with tap water.
Completely seal the bung inside the top of your barrel and ensure it is water-tight.

Be sure to keep the barrel cool, and then use it for tasting.

After a few months have a blast with your whiskey! 9t5qh8i5or.

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