What Happens After the Credits of Your Favorite Crime Dramas Is a Surprising Niche Market!

Louisiana hoarding clean up

Everyone loves a good crime drama. Whether it is the thrilling tale about meth king Heisenberg or the sympathetic serial killer Dexter, people eat the stories up. Yet, what happens in those worlds during the credits? Who cleans up their mess?

Well, turns out that there is actually an industry devoted to crime scene cleaning. Who would have thought? Crime scene cleaning services is a nice market within the cleaning business. Chemical clean up is referred to in the business as Crime and Trauma Scene Decontamination, or CTS Decon. This could involve biological fluids, like blood from a homicide, or the residual chemicals of a meth lab clean up.

Of course, chemical clean up does not have to only deal with trauma scene clean up. It can also deal with the much tamer lab spills. Of course, in these scenarios the best method of chemical clean up is prevention, but it is still good to know that there are whole companies with dedicated experts to clean up these catastrophic messes.

Have you ever needed the expertise of a chemical clean up crew? What happened? Why was it important that a chemical clean up crew came through rather than taking care of it yourself? More research here.

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