What Channel Is the Only Channel for Rochester News? Why, It Is 10 of Course

Channel 10 rochester

When I say Channel 10 Rochester NY, what do you think? The television broadcast, I imagine, as WHEC Rochester Channel 10 is an NBC affiliate. Understandable. But do you think about WYSL 1040 AM? You can hear Rochester NY Channel 10 news on there throughout the day. What about WHEC.com? There you can get all of the Channel 10 rochester NY news online, any time of day.

So We know how great Channel 10 News is. We also now know that they have a variety of options for keeping us fully informed at all times of the day. But how much do we know about WHEC itself? Who is involved? And what is it that makes Channel 10 so great?

Channel 10 actually has a mission and a motto when it comes to imparting the news to us. And that alone speaks volumes to their dedication. Their mission statement is “Our mission is to inform, educate and entertain as we engage and strengthen our community and create value.” Not only do they want to bring the news to us, but they want to bring people together with the news. It is not just about reading the news to people, it is about building the community around that.

And their motto is “Accurate, accessible, anytime, anywhere, always with integrity.” And they clearly take this one to heart, as seriously as they do their mission statement. Their accuracy makes them the most trusted and most watched news source in the city. Their accessibility anytime, anywhere is exhibited by having a television, radio, and an online outlet for the news. So that people can check up on the latest news, no matter when it is or where they are.

Channel 10 here in Rochester is so popular that it is regularly winning awards for its popular programming and newscasts. And once you get settled into the schedule of watching their nightly news broadcast on a regular basis, you will come to welcome the news anchors into your home like family. Whether it is Janet Lomax, Scott Kilbury, or meteorologist Kevin Williams, everyone comes in to make things informative, yet personal.

If you had not been hooked to Channel 10 prior to this, you most certainly will be now. So set your radio dials, change the T.V. channel and throw out the remote, bookmark the web page. No better time than the present to immerse yourself into the Channel 10 news.

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