Ways to Avoid Parking Tickets in NYC – Car Stereo Wiring

It is important to understand the parking rules and regulations through understanding the signs. If the arrows point towards one direction, it signifies that you can’t park there for the specific times they list. Some people reserve a space for their relative, coworker or family member. It is not a requirement to issue tickets if you’re sitting in your car when they approach. It is unclear if that is a law however, cops within NYC simply will not give the person a ticket. Streets and avenues come with crazy rules. As an example, commercial vehicles aren’t allowed to park on Park Avenue between 7 AM till 7 PM on Mondays through Friday. You won’t be told every rule of the roadway, which makes these signs extremely difficult. If there’s construction going on, the contractor can park in the front of the building and the crew can park in them. If you are interested in learning more about the parking regulations of NYC continue watching this video to learn more. fenvdxe7qw.

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