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friends that provide a bright space in our lives. They do funny things and provide us comfort. Pets can also be an enormous source of responsibility. This is particularly the case for the dog in this video.

Squirrels aren’t the best pets. They’re fearful of people and are extremely difficult to handle. One person proved that it was not true. One day he was driving to work when he saw a injured young squirrel which was likely to have was hit by a car. The animal crawled all over his leg in a desperate plea for help. He contacted the wildlife specialists from his local community who suggested it was ideal to kill the creature. The man was not happy with this idea.

He gave the squirrel goat milk and nursed it back to health. The squirrel is now reluctant to ever want to leave his side. In the morning they eat breakfast in the same place. They spend the afternoon playing with each other. He even taught the squirrel how to run on command. This is amazing. A squirrel is actually a miniature cat in many ways. However, it has a lot more energy as it runs around.


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