The More You Know, the Better Your Purchasing Power Will Be

Metric spacers

You’ve heard it, read it, seen it a dozen times, but the adage is true. Knowledge is power. The more information you know about your standard, industrial supplies, the better your purchasing power. So, for your benefit, here’s some handy info to make you a smarter shopper!

Rubber Grommets.

Rubber grommets are made out of the resilient material to bounce back when it’s put under pressure. Rubber grommets are used to prevent the ripping, tearing, or abrasion of the pierced material. These rubber grommets are used to cover the sharp edges of the piercing. Many rubber grommets are used in desks and the like.

Wire management.

To obtain Wire management, you use a comb device that separates wires for the purposes of safety and organization. This keeps electronics’ cables separate and easily identifiable, which in turn makes things easier.

Cap Nuts.

Cap nuts are often also known as acorn nuts because of their shape. These are nuts that have a domed top to prevent contact with the external thread and are usually made of stainless steel or brass.

Cable Ties.

Cable ties, or colloquially known as zip ties, were created originally by the electrical company Thomas and Betts in 1958. These are designed to organize wires or electric cables by bunching them, but they also have a wide variety of other applications.

Nylon Hardware.

The main benefits of of nylon hardware, in general, is that it doesn’t rust like its metal counterparts. In many cases, they’re also easier to fasten. This is just something to consider while shopping when you have the choice between plastic or metal.

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