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According to the 2010 U.S. Census, 71 percent of American households had at least one internet connection. As of 2012, the number of households wired to the internet had grown to around 75 percent. Overall, approximately 80 percent of Americans have daily access to the Web. As if we need evidence to prove it, the future of business and marketing clearly resides in the internet.

When web users search online, 42 percent of them will instinctively click on the very first link; and only 25 percent will bother to search beyond the first page of search results. For this reason, achieving the very highest Google ranking possible is vital to every business, across all industries. Whether we are talking about B2C marketing or B2B online marketing strategies, business success relies heavily upon the ability to improve search engine ranking.

Although the goals of online search engine marketing are simple, achieving those goals is becoming increasingly complex. Much of the challenge of online marketing can be attributed to periodic changes to the Google search algorithm. These changes might be making things better for the average web user, but it can make things sticky from an internet marketing perspective.

In the United States, Google commands over 70 percent of the search engine market, and business owners have claimed over four million business listings. While pay per click internet marketing remains affordable and highly effective, studies show that both private consumers and business customers prefer organic marketing content. This means that the marketing content used must meet the increasing standards of Google; and the surest way for businesses to meet those demands is to enlist the services of an online marketing agency.

The top internet marketing services can provide their clients with the latest, state of the art online marketing tools and strategies. Since their B2C and B2B online marketing strategies are so flexible that they can be tailored to fit the individual needs of each client. This also means that marketing strategies can be modified to meet the perpetually shifting demands of the online marketing world.

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  1. Do you REALLY think it’s that important to rank highly if you run like a neighborhood fruit stand? Or if you own an APlus mini-mart? To claim “every business” isn’t entirely true, cause a lot get by without it.

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