The Advantages of Owning Jackson Hole WY Real Estate

Jackson hole realty

If you are thinking of buying Jackson WY real estate, it is good to know that Wyoming has the second lowest tax burden in the nation. Jackson is the major city in Jackson Hole, which is an 80 mile long, 15 mile wide valley in Wyoming. Jackson Hole commercial real estate, Jackson hole ranches for sale, Jackson Hole homes for sale, and Jackson hole land for sale, are all found within that valley. You will also find Jackson Hole WY real estate to be a good value. Right now there are only about 563,000 people living in Wyoming. There is plenty of room for growth and all kinds of benefits to buying Jackson Hole WY real estate.

For instance, did you know that several benefits for having a business on Jackson Hole WY real estate can be used to your advantage? There are no personal state income taxes in Wyoming and no corporate state income tax either. No inventory tax and the sales taxes are quite low. The sales tax and use tax rate is only 4 percent . There is also an optional 2 percent county tax. If you want to have a business Wyoming is the place to go. Jackson Hole WY real estate is a great investment for any type of business.

If you just want to buy Jackson Hole WY real estate to build a vacation home on, you’ll love the fact that there are over 60 species of mammals found in and around the Jackson Hole Valley. Over 100 bird species call Jackson Hole home too. People who love to fish will also be interested in Jackson Hole WY real estate. Having a fishing cabin on Jackson Hole WY real estate can be a fisherman’s dream. There are a half dozen species of game fish in the rivers and streams. You are also going to be close to Yellowstone and the Grand Tenton Park if you buy Jackson Hole WY real estate. Good references here:

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