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In the past few decades, technology has become increasingly prominent in the lives of people all over the world. Some forms of technology that were once considered luxuries or novelties are now near necessities for functioning. In 1989, Tim Berners Lee first proposed a global hypertext project. This project would later grow into the world wide web, and eventually change the ways of the world. Today, it is quite difficult for many people to imagine a world without the Internet as they have come to be so dependent on it for so many of their daily activities. One of the main uses of the Internet is searching for businesses that offer certain products or services. In order for these businesses to stand out among their competition online, they can seek search engine marketing plans and mobile website design tips and tricks such as those offered by Delaware web design and SEO companies.

Search engine marketing tactics such as SEO were developed in response
to the trends of search engine users that are very commonly seen. Generally, when people search for products or services online with a search engine, they will usually only click the results that appear on the first page. For this reason, search engine rankings became very important to the online success of businesses. Online marketing companies then created search engine optimization strategies that include custom keyworded content that can help a business website rank higher. According to 57 percent of B2B marketers, SEO makes the biggest impact on their lead generation goals.

With the increase of mobile online technology such as smartphones, having a mobile friendly website is essential for a modern business. When customers visit a mobile unfriendly website, 61 percent are likely to get frustrated enough to abandon the site and go to the site of a competitor. Mobile optimization of a website can also be a very smart move in terms of boosting local SEO effectively. Businesses that are looking to see more success through a greater web presence may benefit from search engine marketing plans and mobile website design tips and tricks. Find out more here:

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