Self Catheter Supplies Can Help You Have A Better Life

Foley catheter supplies

Benjamin Franklin was credited with the invention of a catheter that was flexible in 1752. Today, things are bit more advanced and when you need self catheter supplies, you will be able to find a company that can offer you a flexible model thanks in part to the work of inventor Benjamin Franklin. Finding the right Urinary Catheter Supplies is important to you being able to insert catheters yourself without any problems. The standard self catheter supplies that are used in medical establishments today were invented in the early 1900s. With proper self catheterization supplies, you will be able to insert your catheters as needed without any trouble. If you have been looking for a supplier to shop with, but were not sure if they were affordable; there are options for Medicare catheter coverage that you can find, saving you money.

Many of the vendors of self catheter supplies can work with Medicare and other insurance companies to bill them directly. Catheter supplies can be expensive and if the cost can be billed to your insurance company, this is a good thing. In addition to billing your insurance, you can have direct shipping to your home, saving your time as well as money. Finding the right retailer to shop with will give you access to the best selection of Medicare catheter supplies available. Today’s disposable catheter was invented during the 1940s and has led to safer catheter use, preventing many severe infections which means you will have no problems.
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