Safe Ways to Unclog a Drain – Family Issues Online

If your child is in need of them, please contact us. There are natural options that could be equally effective. Through this short video you’ll discover some of these alternatives. If any of these alternatives do not work, you can contact a local plumber professional.

Do you have any extra steel coat hangers left in the front door? These coat hangers are great to clean out drains in only a few hours. The coat hanger is taken, turn it around so it’s one long metal wire that has an angled ending. In the next step, attach duct tape onto the bent edge. The tape should be protected from scratching the inside of your drain. By doing this, you’re almost ready to begin your process to unclog it. Before starting, grab a bucket or trash bag to put debris into. Once you’ve got it all in, it’s time to get started unclogging. Make sure to insert the coat hanger into the drain. Then, try to pull out or remove any debris that may be stuck inside the piping. In just a couple of hours, you’ll be able dislodge any debris , and even break up the clog.


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