Leave Your Elderly Loved One in Good Hands

Assisted living care

Sending your loved one to a nursing home is often a difficult decision. There is sometimes a guilt associated with leaving him or her under the care of an unknown group of nurses and staff. But there are many people who enter elderly homes every year. About 4.5 percent of American citizens 65 and older lived in nursing homes in 2000. And while the average age of a nursing home’s resident is 79, there are many residents who are both older and younger. These facilities are popular because they are able to provide round the clock attention to a loved one that you may not be able to offer. They also have nurses that are well-trained and specialize in geriatric care. This ensures that they can give quality care to nursing home patients.

If you are concerned that your loved will feel isolated and alone, there are several nursing homes that offer a number of opportunities for their residents to interact with one another, and engage in recreational activities. Many of these facilities have on-site spas, gyms, and community centers for residents to use. Some centers even have ways to connect with others on excursions around town. Residents can also form their own interest groups and meet in community-friendly areas to have a discussion, or decide on their own activity. There is ample time for people to make new friends, and become part of the larger community. Often times, there will be programs that are catered toward women, because on average, women are three times more likely to be residents in a nursing home than men, at some point in their lives.

Some senior living centers offer both independent living and assisted living for the elderly or disabled, if you should require it. For senior independent living, residents can choose to engage in social interactions with others, and perform daily routines with minimal help from nurses and other qualified staff members. With assisting living, there are nurses and staff available to provide every comfort for residents. Patients are provided with three meals a day, cleaning services, medication management services, and 24 hour medical care. These residences hire skilled nurses who can help patients bathe, get dressed, exercise, and make sure that all areas of care and comfort fit a resident’s needs.

Whether your loved one needs assisting living or they only require minimal help, you can rest assured that there is adequate help available in these senior homes. The best things to do is to research different nursing homes and find the best one for your loved one. Keep in mind that about a quarter of nursing homes consider themselves non-profit organizations if you prefer this kind of setting. Other things to consider are the cost, and, most importantly, how your loved one reacts to the place. You might want to take him or her to an assisting living environment to evaluate the facility. If your loved one feels that it is the right place, then you can begin to let go of any guilt you might be feeling. Senior living facilities may be the best fit for your loved one if you give them a chance.
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