Is It Possible to Build a Greenhouse for Under $10? – Family Dinners

It is possible to grow fresh vegetables and herbs all year. Do you want to grow your own herbs and vegetables all year long? your greenhouse. However, you are likely thinking that greenhouses are expensive for purchase, or are difficult to build. However, they do not have to be. There is a way to create small greenhouses from scratch for as little as $10. Learn more in this video the process.

You can start by visiting your local Dollar Store or your local equivalent. You will want to start with purchasing a shoe rack. This will serve as the base for your greenhouse. Instead of wearing shoes on the ground, you’ll be putting tiny pots of plants, vegetables such as fruits, flowers in the area. Then, head to the aisle for home and purchase a huge garment sack. This will act as the cover that lets the sunlight through, but sealing the warmth inside. Plastic garment sacks are the perfect option because they’re transparent in part and also zip up which creates the perfect seal, so that heat stays within. Once you’ve got all your materials, you can assemble the rack for shoes. Cover the seam with the garment bag. The result is an enviro-greenhouse that is less than 10 dollars.


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