How Using Mobile Applications Can Improve Your Business

Portal development

According to Pew Internet, 56% of Americans are now making use of smartphones. What they are using this modern technology for goes far beyond texting and voice calls. Indeed, one of the most important features of modern mobile technology is being able to connect to the internet. There mobile users can connect with friends, follow their favorite artists, and shop with their favorite brands.

Web-based Applications

Web application design has long been an important part of web business. Web application development is increasingly important for the protection of businesses and consumers. This fact is made more evident with the knowledge that there were 280,000 cases of cybercrime in 2012, according to the FBI.

Web applications are interactive, ever changing systems that assist bussinesses with performing critical business tasks. They also allow companies to increase and measure their productivity. As aforementioned, security is paramount here. Web applications make use of web portals that can allow external and internal access, depending on the portal type, to specified corporate information using secure log-on methods. Closed web apps, for instance, do not allow anyone outside of the company to use them. Many companies run and maintain many different portals in order to have access to many different types of services, including company-exclusive closed apps.

Mobile Applications

With the rise of mobile, companies are thinking up better ways of utilizing applications internally and externally. According to eMarketer, web sales surpassed the $1 trillion mark for the first time in 2012. Considering that, according to Digby, 70% of shoppers utilized their mobile phone for at least one purchase that year, making use of effective, safe programming becomes much more obviously important.

For this reason, custom application development is coming to the forefront. Each business’s customers have different needs. Consider, mobile applications written for an online roleplaying game have to have different abilities than those written for an online dating service or restaurant. For example, online gamers need to have access to information pertinent to the site and a way to keep their accounts secure. Mobile users looking to order a pizza through mobile applications need easy access to topping options, crust type, and other custom choices while being able to protect their information.

As you can see, each company has different specific needs that they have to fulfill for their customers. However, all companies should have the common goal of protecting both their consumers and themselves from those watching for personal information floating around the web.

Both web-based and mobile applications are crucial to businesses looking for a way to connect with and service their customers in the digital age. Companies not able to host the technology on-site that is necessary to provide access to these applications should consider outsourcing that service to a cloud computing service. They can grant your apps access to the software and hardware they need via the cloud-based service to better provide for your customers’ expectations.

What are you waiting for? Optimize safe, useful apps for increased customer satisfaction today! If you cannot, contact a developer who can do it for you. Helpful research also found here:

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  1. What sort of customization options are we talking about for these applications? Where can we find reputable program developers?

  2. What sort of customization options are we talking about for these applications? Where can we find reputable program developers?

  3. Darrel Barrett

    What sort of customization options are we talking about for these applications? Where can we find reputable program developers?

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