How Can You Stop Trailer Sway? Online Magazine Publishing

The tips were provided by the company that manufactures the vehicle shown in the video below to lessen trailer sway.

Upgrade your hitch into one that is a trailer sway control, also called a weight-distribution hitch. Its wider frame and spring bars assist in keeping your vehicle steady. This helps to prevent excessive strain on your truck. If you’re not ready to purchase a new trailer, consider adding bar weight controls to your current hitch.

If you connect your trailer but the back end of your truck noticeably has a tendency to sag or appear pulled down more than the front end it is time to get a trailer sway control hitch and your truck is going to soon need expensive repairs.

Many new trucks have a dashboard light that indicates when your trailer is beginning to sway. The warning will be visible on the wheel. Reduce speed. Lower speed if it does assist. Take your vehicle off the road. Check that the trailer is correctly secured. Review the contents of the trailer to check whether they’ve moved. Make sure to split the contents so that they’re evenly distributed within the trailer. w5jfw51kvw.

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