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How can protective clothing and equipment prevent So that preventative steps can be taken to safeguard a person’s health. In the case of electrical connections, people must stay clear of the overhead wires or areas in which significant amounts of electrical energy are operating. Employees working in the electrical industry may be exposed to electricity cables and should avoid placing their feet at risk. If a worker has to be seated on a vehicle while it is being worked on then the employee should make sure that the vehicle is secure to be driven within a specific area and avoid areas in which the mechanics of the vehicle are doing work.

In the case of automotive glass repair, however, it is not required to adhere to exactly the same procedures. Glass needs to be cleaned when damage or breakage due to an accident or any other circumstance. Often the glass is severely damaged. A skilled glass technician will polish the glass in order to appear new. Other risks could be created should the glass not be taken care of. As an example, if glass has not been cleaned thoroughly, it is more likely to crack more easily from a natural event such as an occasional snow storm or even a light drizzle. Glass that isn’t cleaned thoroughly could be damaged more easily by chemicals, and may crack more quickly. If a glass technician cleans the glass, and conducts an inspection of safety the workers are assured that the glass is an environment that is secure and safe from hazards. In the case of automobile glass, employees need to make sure that they’re not working along the roads or the sides of the road. It is a field that requires workers to not only know the best location for their work, and follow safety regulations.

Worker Safety through Education

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