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Caulk composed of silicon is tough and can endure any weather condition which include wind and snow. In the same way, weatherstripping is durable however it is more easily taken off than caulk. Hence, it’s suitable as a sliding door, window as well as countertop installations.

Install Draft Stoppers

No longer will you have to deal with drafts in doors or contact a driveway paving service to install draft stoppers such as huge rubber plugs which fit on the door frames to keep cold air out. These plugs are not expensive and quick to place in. They will also save energy throughout the winter season.

Most draft stoppers come from strong, insulating polyurethane foam. They come in many shapes, including bears and butterflies.

Easy to put in, draft stoppers can be used. Push one of them onto your door frame. If they’re too large it’s possible to trim them. Once you’ve put them in by using a hot adhesive gun or caulk, be sure that they’re stable and don’t move around when you close and the doors.

Get rid of Your Garage

Sleds and snow blowers are lawn equipment that you need to water. This will prevent the formation of rust on metal surfaces overnight. To stop rust from developing dry the surfaces and protect the metal by covering it with the petroleum jelly or other rust-proof oil.

If you’ve found any rusty equipment, wash them thoroughly now because if left alone it will only make them more difficult to clean because harsh chemicals that are used for cleaning may speed up the process. Therefore, it’s best to remove the rust during its early stage before it gets too much.

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