Essential Facts About Eco-Friendly Motor Oil Services

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We have all heard about the “3000 mile or three month rule” that dictates when to change car engine motor oil. Thus, as soon as unsuspecting drivers happen to peer at their little oil change stickers on the upper left-hand side of their windshields and notice that they passed the 3000 mile mark about 783 miles ago, they will usually get an oil change as soon as possible. Despite this well-known rule of thumb, the fact of the matter is changing your motor oil any less that 5000 miles is simply a waste of your money.

While today’s best motor oil brands still produce oil from the same petroleum-based and non petroleum based synthesized chemical compounds as the motor oil types of yesteryear, contemporary motor oil is of a much higher quality. As such, most vehicles do not need fresh motor oil for their cars for a good 7000 miles or so. In fact, when drivers of some new vehicle models use the best motor oils, they don’t have to worry about visiting any oil change places for as many as 10,000 miles!

Regardless of what a vehicle’s owner’s manual says, it isn’t a very good idea to wait quite that long before changing the motor oil in your vehicle. However, whenever you do decide it is time for a quick oil change, it is in the best interest of your vehicle that you patronize the best oil change service in your area. After all, the top oil change places will not screw you over and they will always use the highest quality motor oil available.

In addition to using the very best motor oil available, the top oil change places always utilize the most environmentally sound practices. For instance, they will never discard your used motor oil illegally. You may not realize it, but this is a huge problem in the United States, as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more than 200 million gallons of used motor oil ends up being dumped into the waterways and natural lands of the United States. On the other hand, the best oil change places know enough to save motor oil for recycling purposes.

You may not realize it, but changing your car’s motor oil does not only affect the life of your vehicle’s engine, it can also impact the environment. But it is up to you to choose a motor oil change service that will make sure that impact is positive. The bottom line is to keep in mind that the best motor oil for you and your care is also good for the environment.

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