Differences Between Commercial and Residential Roofing – Home Efficiency Tips

Are you interested in the roofing industry? You have two choices to make money in the roofing industry. There are two ways to earn money: either as an individual residential roofing contractor or a commercial roofer. What’s the main difference between these two? You’ll discover.

Residential Roofers vs. Commercial Roofers

Commercial roofing relies more on falling protection more than commercial roofing. In residential roofing, workers count on personal protective equipment that helps them prevent dangers.

Roofers for residential properties, who work with businesses and homes will more often be working with commercial roofers.

Residential roofers rely more on essential tools, equipment and machines, while commercial roofing is more dependent on the significant types of equipment and machinery.

Flat roofs are more typical among commercial roofers. Residential roofing is, however is constructed on steep slopes. It is often geared toward the residential sector. Commercial roofing deals with high rise buildings, restaurants, machine shops, and various types of business.

In addition, materials utilized by roofing contractors for residential projects generally rely more on substances that can drain precipitation rapidly, materials such as asphalt shingles, ordinary shingles, and slate are among the most common types of roofing materials employed by these roofers.

Commercial roofers may not use similar materials to residential depending on the way they design the structure. Common materials used are galvanized iron, and aluminum for instance. kbk4vkvxsq.

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