Choosing the right back surgeon

Spine doctor

Many people do not know it, but degenerative disc disease, and the associated changes that it causes to the cushioning discs inside your spine, is a malady that is actually just part of the normal aging process. That means that, if you live long enough, you are most likely going to need to contact a back surgeon to help you deal with degenerative disc disease. However, needing a back surgeon is not just for the elders in our society; many adolescents, especially athletes, experience spondylolysis, which is a small stress fracture, usually found in the fifth lumbar vertebra in the lower part of the back.

Although most lower back pain is caused by injuring or overusing muscles, compression fractures, or extreme pressure on nerve roots in the spinal canal, athletes and heavy laborers are not the only people who may need to contact a Bosie spine doctor during their lives. Cigarette smokers may not know it, but their smoking habit can inhibit their bodys ability to deliver necessary nutrients to the discs in the lower back, which can contribute to their development of sciatica, and cause them to have to get in touch with a Boise spine surgery specialist.

If you are experiencing back pain, be it acute (which lasts less than four weeks), sub acute (lasting four weeks to three months), or chronic (lasting more than three months), set up a consultation with a back surgeon soon. The last thing you want to do is avoid contacting a back surgeon in hopes that your back pain will disappear on its own. This may cause your condition to worsen and worsen, which may require more costly and extensive procedures when you do finally break down and reach out to a back surgeon near you. Do not compromise your ability to walk, work, and do the things that you love; if you are experiencing pain in your back, get in touch with a back surgeon ASAP and set up a consultation.

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