Acupuncture Is a Successful Treatment For IBS

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Did you know that in 1998, the National Institutes of Health accepted acupuncture as a useful alternative treatment for headaches, but also warned that there weren’t enough clinical trials to draw firm conclusions about its efficacy. Yet, acupuncture is legal in 40 states, with more than 11,000 licensed acupuncturists nationwide, with another 3,000 medical doctors practicing the art!

Acupuncture, in case you may be unawares, is a process that involves the placement of needles around certain parts of the body. These needles need stay in place typically or between 20 and 30 minutes, and treatments may require several sessions. Scientists say that these needles cause endorphins, which are natural painkillers, to release and could boost blood flow and change the brain’s activity. There are many applications for acupuncture, such as a treatment for neck pain, as an assistant to weight management, and even to help relieve symptoms of hay fever.

One of the most promising ways acupuncture can be used is as a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) occurs when muscles in your large intestine contract faster or slower than normal. This causes pain, cramping, gassiness, sudden bouts of diarrhea, and constipation.”

There have been many small studies that prove acupuncture’s efficacy as a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome. According to Help For IBS, a small IBS info site, research from the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Gastroenterology has shown that patients who used acupuncture as a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome found that their quality of life and gastrointestinal scores were equally improved with a significant reduction in abdominal pain.

WebMD posits that some researchers believe it works as a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome by stimulating electromagnetic signals in the body. These signals either encourage the release of endorphins, as previously mentioned, or they invigorate the body’s natural healing systems.

Acupuncture is a great treatment for anxiety, a treatment for back pain, and especially a wonderful treatment for irritable bowel syndrome. If you have any questions about acupuncture as a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome, feel free to ask in the comments! See this link for more.

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