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Your Business in a Cloud

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Mdm software

Mobile device management is one of the best ways to ensure that you do not suffer some kind of breach of security. Breaches of security are much more common than you would think. In fact, somewhere close to 71 percent of all businesses actually have no policy at all when it comes to bringing your own devices to work.

That is why mobile device management matters so much. When an employee’s device is stolen or lost, some mobile device management systems will even allow you to erase all of the data remotely. Mobile device management software allows a mobile user to

Do Not Want To Shell Out for Work Phones? Make Them Use Their Own

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Ipad management

Mobile device management does not have to be as tricky as it seems. Sure, it is super simple if you just buy everyone an Apple device and use a special program designed for iphone security and iPhone management. But maybe it is not in the budget to buy the most expensive phone on the market for everyone in the office.

Instead, another option for mobile device management is just allowing everyone to use their own phones and just implement a BYOD, or Bring your own device, policy. This type of mobile device management lets you get an agreement f

The Leading B2B Marketing Strategies

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Best marketing techniques

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, 71 percent of American households had at least one internet connection. As of 2012, the number of households wired to the internet had grown to around 75 percent. Overall, approximately 80 percent of Americans have daily access to the Web. As if we need evidence to prove it, the future of business and marketing clearly resides in the internet.

When web users search online, 42 percent of them will instinctively click on the very first link; and only 25 percent will bother to search beyond the first page of search results. For this reason, achieving the very highest Google ranking possible is vital to every business, across all industries. Whether we are talking about B2C marketing or B2B online marketing strategies, business success relies heavily upon the ability t