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Three Health Gadgets That Break the Mold

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Wireless scale

Contrary to popular belief, fitness monitors and health technology are not just for twenty-somethings with premium gym memberships. The sensor technology that makes today’s fitness bands capable of measuring distance traveled, calories burned, and how well you sleep at night, is also being used in other areas to inform people about the health of their hearts, their body composition, and their children. Unless you were specifically looking for these monitors, you might never know that they were available. Here are three fitness monitors that will give you a better understanding of just what is available these days in terms of health technology.

Smart Baby Monit

Restorative Dentistry and Your Options

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Local dentist

George Washington did not really have wooden dentures, but wooden false teeth were known to be in use in Japan as early as the 1500s. These days we have access to advanced materials and procedures that can provide a realistic, perfect smile for most patients. The all on 4 dental implants represent an advanced way to provide a full dental restoration using just four implants. Whether you are a candidate for all on 4 dental implants or an alternative, such as mini dental implants, you can find the best dentists near you with some preliminary research.

You may want to start with recommendations from friends or colleagues, if they have recently undergone cosmetic dental procedures. Otherwise, one of the better ways to understand