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Electronic Cigarettes Could Save Your Life

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Smoking tobacco is the dirtiest, filthiest, nastiest habit in existence. Cigarette smoking has not only been scientifically proven to cause cancer, heart disease, and chronic respiratory conditions, but it is expensive. A two-pack-per-day cigarette smoker will spend between $4.00 and $10.00 per day, depending upon how and where they buy their cigarettes. Essentially, a cigarette smoker will waste a minimum of $112 per month, or $1,344 a year, for the chance to shorten their lives by at least a decade.

Aside from the obvious damage it does to a smoker’s body, quitting is the worst part of taking up this pointless, wasteful, deadly habit. But there is some good news for smokers who are looking for a safer alternative to smoking. Unlike conve

Three Health Gadgets That Break the Mold

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Wireless scale

Contrary to popular belief, fitness monitors and health technology are not just for twenty-somethings with premium gym memberships. The sensor technology that makes today’s fitness bands capable of measuring distance traveled, calories burned, and how well you sleep at night, is also being used in other areas to inform people about the health of their hearts, their body composition, and their children. Unless you were specifically looking for these monitors, you might never know that they were available. Here are three fitness monitors that will give you a better understanding of just what is available these days in terms of health technology.

Smart Baby Monit