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Small City Rochester Offers Big City Business Journal

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Wegmans rochester

Derek Hillsbrough was initially uneasy about moving from the big city lights of New York City to the decidedly smaller city of Rochester. “New York is the big city,” he said, “and as expensive and crazy as things get, you know that there will always be opportunities and resources to grab those opportunities.” By comparison, Rochester was a small city with some big question marks. “All I really knew about Rochester was that Kodak had just failed. I was worried about moving there and trying to start a business until a friend of mine sent me a few copies of the Rochester business journal.”

The Rochester Business Journal is one of Rochester’s staples, along with Wegmans Rochester, Market

5 Reasons to Invest In Email Marketing Software

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Business email lists

Are you collecting email addresses and creating an email mailing list for your business? If not, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity. Email marketing is a growing trend in business these days. Companies are reaching out and businesses are sharing important information with their audiences through email newsletters.

You can create an email list and newsletter for your company by investing in some email marketing software. There are tons of different providers available online, and these providers can make keeping in touch with your customers a much simpler and smoother process.

No longer do you have to type in every single email address when you want to send a newsletter. These ema