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Need to Know How to Stop an IRS Wage Garnishment?

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Stopping my wage garnishment

Even though the tax form 1040EZ is supposed to be the easiest tax form to fill out, it still comes with 33 pages of instructions that can be quite confusing for some people to understand. Taxpayers that need help filling out their tax forms can turn to professional tax preparers for help with filing IRS taxes. According to the Cato Institute, the U.S. has 1.2 million tax preparers that can help people file their taxes.

Under United States Federal law, the IRS can impose a tax levy on its citizens in order to satisfy a tax liability. This would be an administrative action conducted by the IRS and they can do so without going to court to get permission first. However, the IRS is obligated to inform the delinquent tax payer of their intentions as so stated in the U.S. Constitution. The tax payer is